Welcome to CPA's Research Hub!

What is the Research Hub?

The CPA Research in Psychology Hub is an on-line members-only tool designed to allow members to connect with each other based on their areas of research expertise.

Members interested in making use of the tool create a profile that highlights their areas of research specialty. The profiles will populate the database, which members can then search.

How can it be used?

  • Students may use it to find research mentors or graduate supervisors.
  • Others may use it to find collaborators on a research project.
  • CPA may use it to identify and consult research experts in a given area.

Note: Please note that as this is a new tool for CPA, we may find we will need to make changes to the system as more people use it. If you have any comments or suggestions about the system there will be a chance to make these at the end to help us make it a better tool for our membership. For the time-being, the tool will only be available in English as we pilot it among the membership – once it has been piloted and finalized, we will have it translated.

How do I log in to the Hub?

Click here to access the Hub directly.

For more information, click on "Submission Process to the Research Hub" on the right side of this page.