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2017-2018 Committee / Comité


Chair / Présidente

Carole Sinclair

Members / Membres

Patrick Baillie (Board Liaison - Observer)
Janel Gauthier
Paulette Hunter
Ian Nicholson
Pat O'Neill
Hélène Richard
Ivan Zinger
Cannie Stark
Meghan McMurtry
Lillian MacNeill (Student Member)
Stewart Madon (Ethics Officer - Observer)

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Terms of Reference

I.  Committee on Ethics


A.  A Committee on Ethics (C.O.E.), which shall report to the Board, and shall have the power to act within the terms of the appointment.

B.  The Chairperson shall be appointed annually by the President of the Canadian Psychological Association upon approval by the Board from among the members of the Association.

C.  Members of C.O.E. shall consist of not less than seven psychologists, who shall be nominated by the Chairperson of C.O.E. in consultation with the President, and shall be appointed annually by the Board of Directors.

D.  The C.O.E. shall meet at the annual convention of CPA, and shall maintain other communication among the committee members as needed during the year.

II.  Objectives

A.  To formulate ethical principles and standards for approval by the Board of  Directors;

B.  To educate and promote knowledge and awareness of ethical issues among the members;

C.  To provide advice and consultation to members and others on matters related to ethical issues and psychological practice;

D.  To negotiate informal resolutions of complaints with mutual consent of the concerned parties;

E.  To conduct preliminary investigations of complaints made to CPA about the ethical behaviour of CPA members when requested to do so by the President or by majority vote of the Board of Directors;

F.  To make formal ethics complaints to the President when the preliminary investigation, in the judgement of the committee, or duly constituted subcommittee, concludes that it is warranted;

G.  To submit a summary of activities of the Committee in an annual report to Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association.

III.  Authority

A.  C.O.E. activities shall be conducted in accordance with the By-Laws of the Association, the Canadian Code of Ethics (or successive codes as adopted and amended by the Board of Directors), the Rules and Procedures for Dealing with Ethical Complaints as adopted by Resolution of the Board of Directors from time to time and any other policies, standards or ethics documents which are formally adopted by the Board of Directors.

B.  C.O.E. is delegated the authority to conduct preliminary investigations of allegations from members of the public or members of the Association of unethical scientific or professional conduct by CPA members when formally requested to do so by the President or by majority vote of the  Board of Directors.

C.  C.O.E. is delegated the authority to obtain informal resolution of a  complaint, or failing that, to refer the matter to the Board without limiting the prerogative of the Committee to make such recommendations to the Board as it judges appropriate.

D.  Only the Board of Directors has the authority to suspend and expel under the procedures outlined in CPA By-Law.

Only the Board of Directors has the authority to make policy or policy decisions on behalf of CPA.